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2023 Annual Review

Welcome to Therapy Focus’ 2023 Annual Review. This site provides an overview of our service delivery and operations for 2022-23, as well as key highlights from a milestone year.

Key Results

customers received therapy services
hours of therapy delivered
new customers started their journey with us

Chair's Report

Each year Therapy Focus produces an Annual Review that showcases its work, performance, and people of the past year. It is an important opportunity to look back at what we have achieved and serves as a record for those who follow in our footsteps.

CEO's Report

It is with equal measure of amazement and appreciation that we look back on the year in review. The pace has been tremendous and, as always, the Therapy Focus team has adeptly addressed challenges and celebrated successes along the way.

In July 2023, staff, alumni, and special guests came together at HBF Stadium to celebrate a milestone 25 years in the extraordinary journey of Therapy Focus.

The occasion was not only an opportunity to reflect on the people and events that have helped shape Therapy Focus, but also a celebration of the exceptional achievements of our team with the presentation of the 2023 Staff Awards.