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With funding support from Telethon and The Stan Perron Charitable Foundation, Therapy Focus established an intensive therapy centre offering state-of-the-art equipment and assistive technology, including a multi-sensory device that is the first of its kind in WA.

Known as ReFocus, the centre is designed to support people with disability who require complex equipment for rehabilitation, as well as those who are unable to access mainstream gyms. It is fitted out with gym-style equipment, including a reformer, cross trainer, and a weight-bearing device called a LiteGait. It also offers access to communication devices and access technology, including switches, eye-gaze, environmental controls and adaptive gaming.

ReFocus has been utilised by Therapy Focus customers and therapists since May 2023 and began accepting referrals from new customers in June 2023.

“ReFocus supports short, intensive blocks of therapy suitable for people who haven’t seen success with ongoing therapy at home or in community environments. Evidence has shown that delivering therapy this way helps people develop the functional skills and confidence they need to eventually transition to community-based therapy and rehabilitation.”
Shannen Stanes
Project Lead

Gaming Therapy

Therapy Focus’ innovative Gaming Therapy program continued to grow and evolve with the utilisation of the popular online game, Animal Crossing.

The program was established in 2020 and primarily used Minecraft™ to offer neurodiverse children and adults the opportunity to connect with peers through a shared love of gaming. The expansion to Animal Crossing in late 2022 has ensured more customers can experience the increased sense of belonging that the program aims to foster.

Regular group sessions are held on Therapy Focus’ secure web server, where participants are assigned specific roles and work to achieve a shared goal. This process encourages social connection in a fun and safe environment and has been proven to be particularly beneficial in supporting social therapy goals.

“Our Gaming Therapy groups are designed to be a neuro-affirming experience that focuses on supporting participants to work together, problem-solve and compromise, but ultimately have fun without having to change to fit in.”
Kelly Scott
Gaming Therapy Coordinator
“The group showed me that there are other people out there with the same interests as me who will be kind. There aren’t any strict rules or activities that we had to participate in, we are just supported to work together, feel safe and have fun.”
Program participant

Bladder and Bowel Health Program

Therapy Focus’ Bladder and Bowel Health Program offers continence assessment and management services for people over the age of 65 and can be accessed via the Commonwealth Home Support Program, as part of Home Care Packages and under Short-Term Restorative Care.

In 2022-23, the Bladder and Bowel Health Team grew from three clinicians to seven clinicians supported by a Team Leader and administration staff. This growth, along with a significant increase in referrals, resulted in a 239% increase in revenue when compared with the previous financial year.

Aged Care customers
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