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CEO's Report

Welcome to Therapy Focus’ Annual Review for 2022-2023.

It is with equal measure of amazement and appreciation that we look back on the year in review. The pace has been tremendous and, as always, the Therapy Focus team has adeptly addressed challenges and celebrated successes along the way.

A particular highlight was the organisation’s 25th Anniversary Gala Dinner in July 2023. What a wonderful event that proudly honoured the relationships and collaborations that have propelled us to the present day. The night was a great opportunity to reflect on the people, partnerships, expertise, and interactions that are encapsulated in those 25 years, and an opportunity to pay tribute to our past and present customers, colleagues, directors, supporters, families and friends.

April 2023 saw Therapy Focus participate in a mid-term audit by the Quality and Safeguarding Commission and receive a very pleasing affirmation of the high quality, safe services we provide. Congratulations to the Therapy Focus team for their dedication to continuous improvement and quality care.

Over the course of the year, Therapy Focus has been involved in many sector engagement activities, including the NDIS Review, the Disability Royal Commission and consultation on reforming disability legislation in WA. In addition to this, Therapy Focus staff and directors hold roles in various advocacy groups, peak bodies, council and committees – all with the aim of advancing the rights of people with disability and supporting the needs of our customers and staff.

A personal highlight was reviewing the 56 nominations made by Therapy Focus staff acknowledging the achievements of colleagues as part of our annual awards. It was a great privilege to experience the high regard and appreciation that our staff have for their colleagues, and a positive affirmation of the hardworking and committed team at Therapy Focus.

Looking ahead, we are delighted to be finalising Therapy Focus’ 2023-26 Strategic Plan, which will serve as a beacon to guide the path forward in a united and coherent way. We are excited about the opportunities and clarity this plan will bring, with a firm focus on giving back to our customers, partners, and community.

In closing, I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks and gratitude to the Board and staff of Therapy Focus. By working collectively, this team has been the catalyst for significant positive impact, and it is due to their enthusiasm, commitment and dedication that we are humbled to share some of these achievements with you in our Annual Review.

Alison Kelly
Therapy Focus CEO

“What a wonderful event that proudly honoured the relationships and collaborations that have propelled us to the present day.”

Pictured L-R:

Freda Crucitti, previous Chairperson (2009 – 2013)
Marion Hailes-MacDonald, Executive Director: Office of Disability
Angie Paskevicius, inaugural CEO (1998 – 2006)
Ann Zubrick, previous Chairperson (2002 – 2009)
Fiona Payne, current Chair (2017 – present)
Alison Kelly, current CEO (2022 – present)

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