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Financial Summary

What we earned

What we spent

  • $31.48M

  • $34.26M

What we own

What we owe

  • $16.58M

  • $11.06M

Download the Therapy Focus Financial Statements for 2023

20 Years a Telethon Beneficiary

Therapy Focus is proud to have a longstanding partnership with Telethon, having been a beneficiary since 2003.

In the early days, Therapy Focus was fortunate to be one of just 10-20 organisations that benefitted from the generosity of WA community through Telethon. Donations and grants have enabled the purchase of assistive technology, equipment and resources that support independence and participation of children and young people with disability.

In 2023, Telethon supported 107 beneficiaries that are delivering life-changing programs, providing equipment and funding medical research into childhood diseases.

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